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17 Nov 2021
Pork Rib in Jogja(Yogyakarta)
In 2019, Seventeen appeared in Battle Trip EP146 and introduced Yogyakarta travel. Although Indonesia is…
7 Nov 2021
Yogyakarta on Netflix – Street Food: Asia
Hello! I prepared this because it seemed like a good opportunity to get a ‘taste’…
24 Sep 2021
Intuitive Batik Workshop in Jogja (Sep 25-26, 2021)
Are you interested in Batik? Learn NEW CREATIVE METHODS OF BATIK MAKING which is a…
3 Sep 2021
Peloton – Bicycle life in jogja
It is located at the back of the ICONIC. Jl. Magelang KM.5,8 Kutu Patran, Sinduadi,…
15 Mar 2019
Sinergi Coworking Space Jogja
It is cheaper than CoHive. And they have good cafe(coffee and bread). Coffee and Bread…
13 Mar 2019
ICONIC Gelato & Bistro – Jogja
Delicious Foods BEVERAGES And awesome MARVEL & DC figures
13 Mar 2019
Captain Marvel in Jogja
Jogja has 4 XXI theaters and 3 CGV theaters. Ticket price is RP 35,000~40,000. XXI…
12 Mar 2019
Finding Pork in Jogja
You may know HOW DIFFICULT IT IS to find Pork in MUSLIM CITY. But you…
12 Mar 2019
You can enjoy Indonesian beer “PROST” at THE LOUNGE of Yogyakarta Mariott Hotel. And this…